Queen The Creator


N'Kima "QUEEN KIMA" Russell was born in Dallas, Texas and growing up loved music and to perform, catching her first singing role at age 3 in a Christmas pageant. At a young age, Queen had always shown an interest not only in reading and science, but in creating art, and once given the opportunity, she flourished. Throughout her school aged years, Queen was recognized by a series of schools, school districts, and cities for her intellect and creativity, but nothing ever compared to the joy she felt serving the Lord in church and she always found opportunities to utilize her gifts there. Queen was not only active in school and church but spent much of her youth being developed by Dr. Curtis King at The Dallas Black Academy of Arts, and later went to Baylor University where she served in student leadership both at her church and as an employee of the University.

 This unique combination of intellect and creative ability has afforded N'Kima "QUEEN KIMA" Russell many opportunities to not only grow and develop, but acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for growing those around her.  She has now worked professionally in the fields of Performing and Creative Arts, Business to Business services revolving creativity and branding and sales, as well as mentorship philanthropy and community development. QUEEN is passionate about socio-economic development and equity from a Kingdom perspective as it pertains to the arts and entreprenuership.


May my actions breathe louder than words. ”

— Queen Kima