From the recording Soul Food

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Verse 1:
Woke up this morning and the sky was beautiful.
Then I combed my natural hair because it's beautiful.
Then I hopped in my beautiful hooptie because it's beautiful.
Then I drove around looking at beautiful people that are beautiful.

You see, everything in this world is beautiful.
And if it's not then I find a way to make it beautiful.
Because everything that has to do with God is beautiful.
So that means life, and everything it offers is beautiful cuz...

God is (Beautiful) x8

Verse 2:
Not ballin yet but my bank account is beautiful.
Because I pay my tithes to my church that's also beautiful.
Whenever tragedy strikes me I try to make it beautiful.
Because with God, I know I can isn't that beautifull.

Sometimes my body hurts but it's still beautiful.
And when I fall to my knees from sin Jehovah makes it beautiful.
Sometimes I cry a lot but it's still beautiful
Cuz I grow, and it shows, and you know it's beautiful cuz...