Have you ever heard the phrase, "you are what you eat", ? Well that is literally true! Our tissues in our body create fuel off of what we feed it. One day I'll take the time to write a blog on my disposition about eating meat, as it is very complex, so for now we will focus on my top 5 reasons to stop eating meat!

1. Life! Eating life makes you literally feel lively. Your digestion not having to use the huge amounts of energy required over a series of days to digest meat will super boost your energy levels. Keep in mind that any previous meat still needs to be digested, so I tell people that day four without meat will be when they feel a significant difference. 

2. Health! We naturally have a variety of bacteria living in various parts of our body to help keep us in balance with the nature around us. We experience things like acne and allergies as a direct result of the internal reacting out of balance with the external. Upping your intake of leafy greens and berries will make a huge difference to your skin, teeth, and will even decrease how frequently you are bitten by insects! 

3. Preservatives. I guarantee that if you are eating packaged food and precooked food, even food in restaurants frequently, you are eating preservatives. The issue with unnatural preserves is just that; they aren't natural, so when you eat them your enzymes don't know how to process them. Essentially you're giving the computer that is your body, a code in cannot decipher. You're trying to run an apple program on a PC! Your body then stores this into the cellulite (or fat) that you just can't seem to shake, so if you have ever wondered how "skinny" people have cellulite... there ya go. 

4. IT'S CHEAPER! I don't care what they tell you in the blogs, or what you have experienced likely due to a lack of experience, information, or resources. If you are actually preparing your own food, no more than $250 worth of groceries will be bought in a month to feed two to three adults. ADULTS! That's right! Add meat to that budget and it doubles. 

5. Self- Image. When you feel better, you look better, when you actually physically look better you feel better! This lifestyle of feeding yourself love and life causes you to carry that energy! You absorb the life of whatever you consume, therefore eat something that spent it's days in the sun blowing in the wind. Feed your garden (your brain) things that will excite it. 





Now if you are the person that says, hey... i'm not giving up meat then no worries! Just be adamant about sourcing grass fed, antibiotic free, GMO free meats; such as from your local farmers or Hello Fresh which is an awesome Meal Kit delivery service that features natural and organic ingredients sourced from local farms. If your desire is to go fully organic, give Green Chef a try! Feel free to contact me for more information about those services!